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Moving back in to your house or flat after letting it to somebody else might be difficult, especially if it has not been tidied up properly. Luckily our After Tenancy Cleaning service in London is designed to suit all your needs to refresh your home. The After Tenancy Cleaning package is combined of all important tasks, such as general cleaning, furniture cleaning, carpets and rugs cleaning, windows cleaning, hard floors cleaning, kitchen and kitchen appliances cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and oven cleaning.

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General cleaning

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Main tasks

  • Dust all surfaces
  • Wipe switches, shades, and light fittings
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Wipe skirting boards, clean switches, remove cobwebs
  • Clean doors and frames, wipe on top


  • Wipe and polish tables, wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and shelves
  • Wipe curtain rails, doors and frames, remove marks
  • Dust sofas, beds and cushions
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Carpets and rugs

  • Hovering through the edges and awkward spaces using a crevice tool
  • Move light furniture and vacuum and/or steam clean


  • Hovering through the edges and awkward spaces using a crevice tool
  • Move light furniture and vacuum and/or steam clean
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Hard floors

  • Wash and mop surface
  • Remove any hair and dust


Main tasks

  • Clear inside out cupboards and drawers, erase marks on handles
  • Empty rubbish bin
  • De-scale, polish, and wipe
  • Remove waste and dirt around the drain
  • Wipe and dry wall tiles
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  • Fridge – clear leftovers, wipe inside and out, clean the rubber seal
  • Freezer (defrosted) – clean inside and out, wipe door handles
  • Microwave – wipe all sides and top, inside and out
  • Oven – clean inside and out, degrease racks, grill pan and inner top, wipe rubber seal
  • Toaster – remove leftover crumbs, wipe extractor – top and beneath


Main tasks

  • Clean shower tiles and screen
  • Wipe and dust towel and radiator rail
  • Polish fittings and taps
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Bath, WC’s, shower cubicles

  • Polish tiles, remove hair or other debris around the drainage
  • Wipe dust and dirt from extractor fans including on top of fans
  • Clean and polish mirror/glass surfaces
  • Wipe pipes and plumbing behind the toilet if accessible
  • Hoover and mop floor, clean edges and dust between the radiators

Oven Cleaning

  • Professional vetted oven cleaners—fully insured and vetted cleaners will carry out your service
  • Professional equipment—we may use a professional oven cleaning dip tank if other methods will not suffice
  • Not time based—this guaranteed service is not hourly based. The cleaning technicians will use our tried and tested oven cleaning technique and will remain in the property until your oven has been fully cleaned.
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